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“Assault and threat crimes” is a broad category of New Jersey law that encompasses a wide variety of offenses, ranging from self-explanatory crimes such as simple assault, to more nuanced allegations such as harassment and disorderly conduct. Similarly, these allegations can arise in a host of circumstances and may overlap with other quasi-criminal issues such as restraining orders if they originate during alleged domestic violence incidents. Regardless of the circumstances of the specific case, an assault or threat crime accusation can spell catastrophic consequences for your life, damaging your reputation, straining your personal relationships, and even subjecting you to a term of incarceration.

Attorney Roy W. Breslow has served on the other side of the legal aisle in countless assault and threat cases, participating in the construction of the State’s case during his time as an Assistant Prosecutor and Deputy Attorney General. He now utilizes this invaluable experience to formulate highly effective defense strategies for his clients who are faced with these charges. Understanding your adversary is truly the best way to overcome them. Roy Breslow’s thousands of grateful clients have seen the benefits of this strategy in action. Contact his offices anytime for a cost-free consultation about your case.

Bloomfield NJ Assault and Threat Crime Defense Lawyer

Mr. Breslow defends clients against a myriad of assault and threat charges, some of which include:

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A charge is by no means a sentence. Roy Breslow works tirelessly for his clients from the moment he is retained through the final verdict. Speak to him today and receive a free comprehensive case evaluation.