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Since the war on drugs was implemented decades ago, authorities have vigorously sought and prosecuted alleged drug offenders, creating an extensive list of drug crimes and thousands of pages of case law in this area. New Jersey prosecutors have likewise engaged in the war on drugs, with charges ranging from possession of drug paraphernalia to strict liability for drug-induced deaths. With this vast array of charges come equally diverse penalties, ranging from periods of driver’s license suspension to decades of imprisonment.

The degree of the charges against you, and whether they are tried in Superior Court or Municipal Court, will be determined by the type of controlled dangerous substance and its associated classification within the New Jersey Drug Schedule, as well as the measured weight or amount of the substance, and the location of the arrest (i.e. in a school zone or public park). Regardless of the specific offense, you can be exposed to severe consequences without the assistance of an insightful and proactive defense attorney.

Attorney Roy W. Breslow served on behalf of the State in thousands of drug case prosecutions during his distinguished career as a Prosecutor and Deputy Attorney General. He now leverages this invaluable experience to effectively defend his clients in Essex County and throughout New Jersey. To speak with Mr. Breslow about your drug charges at no cost, contact his offices anytime.

Verona NJ Drug Charges Lawyer

Mr. Breslow utilizes his unparalleled knowledge and experience to represent clients charged with a host of drug offenses, some of which include:

Diversionary Programs in New Jersey

Fortunately, New Jersey provides several attractive alternatives to convictions for drug offenses through its diversionary programs. Specifically, conditional discharge in Municipal Court and Pre-trial Intervention in Superior Court provide first-time offenders with the opportunity to complete a probationary period after which the charges against them are dismissed. These programs allow eligible applicants to avoid charges on their criminal records, which can be seriously detrimental when pursuing future educational and employment opportunities. Drug court is also a viable option for those who need rehabilitative drug treatment, not a prison sentence. Mr. Breslow has assisted countless clients with enrollment in these programs, protecting their futures and allowing them to move forward with their lives unscathed by the stigma of a criminal conviction.

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If you have been charged with a drug crime, your first call should be to a reputable defense attorney. Protecting you is Mr. Breslow’s primary concern as he seeks the best possible resolution of your case. Call his offices today for a free consultation.