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We help adults and juveniles facing criminal charges in New Jersey negotiate reduced pleas, get their charges dismissed, and fight to protect your freedom.

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Breslow Law Offices was founded by Roy Breslow in 1978. With offices in Essex County and Ocean County, New Jersey, we have the experience, knowledge and dedication to get your charges dismissed, reduced, or dropped.
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What Clients Say

Our goal is to make sure each client is satisfied with the outcome of their case by providing them with peace of mind throughout every step of the process and working hard to get results in court.
The best lawyer I’ve worked with HANDS DOWN. My boyfriend was dealing with multiple cases over a course of some time and Casey ended up taking over the entire case load. In the time before Casey, we worked with a few lawyers and they just didn’t bring the same work ethic as her. I’d like to note these were all criminal felony cases that had potential for a lot of time.
Kayla H.
Thank you Casey Breslow Esq. for all of your help! Casey took the time to listen to me, without any judgements. She was understanding, clear, and help to set expectations. Casey was extremely responsive and made sure that I was comfortable every step of the way. Casey truly had my best interest in mind and I am so happy that I chose her to represent me. I would definitely recommend Breslow Law Offices to others!
Jasmine C.
I have been a client of Breslow Law Firm for 3 years being afflicted with a case I had last March 2020 I was charged with Aggravated Assault and Kidnapping In Union City NJ I was in custody for 2 weeks with the severity of my charges especially during the beginning of an Pandemic I was completely at a lost , Once I contacted Casey Breslow from the County Jail her first priority was my safety and mental health well being ! Moving forward everything pertaining to me became a high priority, The level of communication no matter how many times I contacted Casey she made sure that everything was conducted in a professional manner the services I received even during my incarceration I was extremely confident . Casey has an aggressive skilled that is effortless The amount of passion that she produces to her clients is remarkable , her knowledge in the justice system is what allowed me to have some sense of comfort knowing that my freedom as well as my future was significantly important to her as well as it was to me . Breslow Law Frim holds a particularly skilled & expertise when it comes to criminal defense As a client I’m indebted for the services I always received .With my case being dismissed This June of 2021 I am able to move forward with a clear path I highly recommend Breslow Law Services to any and everyone! Bare in mind, I have a colorful past,However, that did not stop her from getting a first-degree kidnapping charges dismissed.
Darius B.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've been arrested, it's likely that your life is in a state of chaos. You need to find a criminal defense attorney who will help guide you through the legal process and provide sound advice on how to handle your charges.
Do I need to hire a criminal defense attorney if I plan on pleading guilty?
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Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is your best chance at getting charges reduced or eliminated, and id the best choice to protect your rights.

Every criminal case has two sides. The prosecution will seek to bring the harshest penalties possible against you in court; a criminal defense attorney at our firm will ensure every single element of your wellbeing is protected and may be able to obtain a lighter sentence or eliminate all charges, if possible.

Is there a difference between a felony and misdemeanor charge?
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In New Jersey, the terms "felony" and "misdemeanor' refer to different levels of severity. Misdemeanor charges often have less severe penalties, however, they can still include jail time. New Jersey categorizes felonies into four primary types of felony charges in New Jersey; from fourth degree allegations (forgery, DUI, etc.) to first degree allegations (manslaughter, rape, and murder).

Will my case go to trial?
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It can be a tough situation when you're facing trial, but there are legal options to avoid it. Your lawyer might convince the prosecution that their case isn't worth pursuing or may prove they have no grounds for filing charges in court.

Depending on the situation and your attorney, going to trial might be necessary. If charges cannot be resolved prior to court proceedings beginning then you must appear before a judge who will decide whether or not there's enough evidence for an official trial outcome.