Mr. Breslow is the principal of the Law Firm of Roy W. Breslow, which he founded in 1978. The main concentration in Mr. Breslow’s law firm are the areas of criminal, family/divorce and personal injury. He has offices located in both Verona, Essex County and Long Beach Island, Ocean County. Her serves clients throughout the State of New Jersey (e.g. Hudson County, Passaic County, Bergen County, Union County, Morris County, and Monmouth County). 

Since 1978, Mr. Breslow has been serving the needs of the community. He will be by your side throughout the entire legal process and help you understand your case. The legal system can be overwhelming and you want an attorney that you can trust.

Mr. Breslow is a former Assistant Prosecutor and Deputy Attorney General with over 35 years of experience. He has the experience and the case knowledge to represent you in even the most complex case. He is also very well respected by judges and other attorneys.

Criminal Law

Mr. Breslow's criminal defense practice encompasses felonies and misdemeanors. He represents clients in both New Jersey Municipal Court and Superior Court. Mr. Breslow has an outstanding track record of reducing criminal charges and achieving dismissals for adults and juveniles. 

During your case, Mr. Breslow will be by your side and help you every step of the way. He will answer any questions you may have about the legal process and make you feel comfortable.

Already have a criminal record in New Jersey and need an expungement? Mr. Breslow is very experienced in expungement law. Applying to law school or medical school? You need to talk to Mr. Breslow to see if he can expunge your criminal record.

Personal Injury

Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or slipped and fell, Mr. Breslow can help you deal with the physical and financial effects of your injuries. He can help you deal with insurance companies and adjusters. He will negotiate your case, and if your case does not settle he will litigate your case. If you have been injured, call Mr. Breslow.

Family Law

Divorces are never easy. However, having an attorney by your side that you can trust to help you get through this tough time is very important. Mr. Breslow will help you with everything from property division to child custody issues. You can count on Mr. Breslow to be there for you!

Real Estate

Buying or selling property? Mr. Breslow can help you with all your real estate needs.


Mr. Breslow has the knowledge and expertise to help you with all your estate planning needs. Everybody needs to plan for the future and Mr. Breslow will ensure that your will clearly states your wishes.

Sooner or later almost everyone needs a lawyer. The sooner you contact Mr. Breslow, the sooner he will be on your side to assist you with any criminal/legal problems that may arise.

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