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Sexual offenses are some of the most stigmatized of all crimes, with implications that can literally alter the course of your life forever. For example, many sexual offenses in New Jersey entail mandatory sex offender registration under the State’s “Megan’s Law,” as well as other penalties including community supervision for life. Additionally, the State emphasizes the need to prevent future offenses of this nature, often requiring a psychosexual evaluation, known in the legal community as an “Avenel Evaluation,” to indicate the name of the facility where these assessments are typically conducted. In addition to the other penalties that may be imposed if you are convicted of a sexual offense in New Jersey, an Avenel Evaluation will be used to determine if you meet the criteria of a “repetitive and compulsive” offender.

Unfortunately, in cases of this kind, it can often feel as though you are presumed guilty before you ever have the opportunity to defend yourself in court. Further, these cases are often highly nuanced, with significant attention placed on the alleged victim’s age, mental and physical capacity, level of cooperation with the State, and willingness or desire to prosecute. Considering the very specific and often devastating circumstances of a sexual allegation, it is critical to enlist an attorney who is highly aware of the sensitivity of these issues, while also acting as a ferocious defender of your rights and reputation.

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