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Essex County NJ Superior Court Information:

The Essex County Superior Court is the venue where charges for first, second, third, and fourth degree crimes issued within the county of Essex are heard and considered. After being evaluated by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, criminal cases involving felony charges that have not be downgraded, diverted, or dismissed, will be presented to a grand jury at Essex County Superior Court for an indictment. If the majority of this 23-person panel determines that there is enough evidence to formally charge the defendant, then the case will proceed to trial or be resolved by way of a plea agreement or enrollment in a diversionary program such as Pre-Trial Intervention.

New Jersey Superior Courts offer a number of diversionary programs which may provide first-time offenders with the opportunity to have their charges dismissed after successfully completing program requirements during a probationary period.

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If you or someone you love has been charged with an indictable criminal offense in Essex County, New Jersey, your case will be delegated to a member of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, considered, and potentially adjudicated in the Essex County Superior Court. With centrally-located offices in Verona, the attorneys at Breslow Law Offices appear in Essex County Superior Court on a daily basis, tirelessly advocating on behalf of their clients charged with felony offenses. Contact Breslow Law Offices at 937- 239-8000 for a free comprehensive consultation.


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