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The New Jersey Criminal Code addresses a multitude of weapons-related offenses, with some of the most severe penalties imposed upon those convicted of crimes involving firearms.

Weapons charges can arise in a variety of instances and often overlap with other charges, ranging from assault in domestic violence cases to robbery and other theft crimes.

These charges can also accompany drug crimes; in fact, there is a specific statute often termed New Jersey’s “Drugs and Guns Law,” that address offenses wherein the defendant is allegedly in possession of a weapon during the commission of a drug crime.

New Jersey’s lack of reciprocity for out-of-state gun permits is yet another example of the State’s harsh weapons enforcement policy.

Notably, until a directive was issued by the New Jersey Attorney General recently, individuals found in possession of a firearm with a legitimate license from another state were subject to a mandatory minimum term of incarceration.

Now, defendants may be considered for the Pre-Trial Intervention Program only under the most extraordinary of circumstances.

Clearly, New Jersey’s body of law regarding weapons, and those who enforce these laws seek to prosecute alleged offenders to the fullest extent.  

The attorneys at Breslow Law Offices observed this policy in action during their time as Assistant Prosecutors. They now utilize their extensive experience within the New Jersey justice system to effectively defend clients charged with weapons crimes and other criminal offenses.

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Weapon Charges

The attorneys at Breslow Law Offices have successfully represented countless clients charged with weapons offenses, just a few of which include:

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