Violent Crimes

Charged with a violent crime in New Jersey? Don't leave your future to chance. The violent crimes attorneys at Breslow Law will protect your innocence.

New Jersey Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you've been accused of a serious violent crime like murder, aggravated assault or armed robbery, prosecutors will do everything they can to convict. A conviction for a violent criminal charge could mean years in prison and make it harder to get a job, housing or loans later on.

You need a New Jersey violent crimes attorney that has your back.

The stakes are high. Your freedom and livelihood are at risk because of the way that judges, prosecutors and police officers treat violent crime cases in New Jersey, however, they don't always take into account all of the facts surrounding an incident.

They also do not recognize that people act differently when they're under duress or acting in self defense to protect themselves or their loved ones from danger.

You deserve aggressive legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer who has handled cases like yours before, understands your situation and is passionate about helping people just like you fight back against false accusations and avoid harsh penalties like jail time or probation terms which carry restrictions on where you can live, work and travel while out on bail.

The New Jersey violent crime defense attorneys at Breslow Law have over 45 years of experience helping our clients get their criminal charges reduced, dismissed or dropped in courts throughout Essex County, Verona County, Ocean County and New Jersey.

If you or a loved one are facing a serious violent crime charge in New Jersey, don't leave your future to risk.

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